{My} Top 10 Life Rules

Top 10 Rules

Rules are something we live with from a very early age. They allow us to live within a set of guidelines where we can accomplish our goals and love the life we live. Take a moment to think about your life – I bet you can create a list of top life rules you live […]

Two Take-Aways From The “Decade Of Greed”

Icons from the 19802

The 1980s were known for materialism and greed, but if you were around, you may also remember great pop culture, general excessiveness, and {questionable} style. The 1980s was known for over-the-top, glamorous, big hair, and indulgence. As a child who grew up in the 1980s, we had more freedom than our kids do today. Some […]

Are Your Goals S*M*A*R*T?

SMART goals achieve more

Goals can be long term or short term; they can be performance, process, or outcomes based, but the one thing they need to be is SMART! Specific, Measurable, Achievement, Relevant, and Timely Every business is unique and faces different challenges, so how can we be so confident in our program? Because the Strategy4Nine.com SMART System […]